“Who is she?!” Nikki Grahame

Who is this colourful girl with all the flamingoes?

I’m Frankie,  I love all things colourful! I have a little obsession with flamingoes (they’re my spirit animal) and I love taking photos of people in love.

When I’m not shooting weddings, I love travelling the UK in our campervan Smurfette and going on holiday – current favourites are the Greek Islands and Ibiza.

My fave film is The Wedding Singer – we even had the Aeroplane song as one of our wedding songs. Appropriate for a wedding photographer!

I could probably fit a Friends quote into every conversation – soz in advance, I know it’s annoying!

I’m married myself, so I know what it’s like planning a wedding -although that was way back in 2010! I met my husband Lee while we were in the RAF, and I like to think being in the RAF made me who I am now – a chatty happy person with excellent bants!

Client love

“Frankie is friendly, personable and has an infectious sense of humour.”


ARE YOU READY? (please tell me you read that in the style of The Gladiators referee?!)

I’d love to chat weddings

Ready to see if I’m available to shoot your wedding?